DIY: Crocheted diaper / changing bag

This diaper bag is for the mother on the go who is exhausted of always dragging along a huge, heavy, fully packed diaper bag everywhere she goes - or maybe just the mother who is tired of always having to bring the whole bag to the bathroom whenever the baby needs changing, insted of just the few, most necessary things: 1-2 diapers, wet wipes and a baby cloth. 

Here is what you'll need to make one yourself:
- Hook size J (6 mm)
- 17 oz of 100% "heavy" cotton yarn such as THIS (plus approx. 2 oz of yarn in different color)
- 35" of thick crafts elastic cord
- A button

Measurements (approx.):
- Closed bag measures 9'5" x 6"
- Opened bag: 23'5" x 19'5" (25'5" at the widest point where the pockets are)

- ch: chain
- sc: single crochet
- dc: double crochet

Now, let's get started!
Ch 60 and ch 2 as you turn the work around. Ch 2 every time you turn!
1-13) 60 dc
14) 60 dc, ch 35
15) 95 dc, ch 35
16-30) 130 dc
31) 95 dc, then turn
32) 60 dc, then turn
33-43) 60 dc
Instead of fastening off continue around the corner making sc as you'll be crocheting sc on the 4 sides marked in picture below:

Now fold the pockets in and crochet the sides together using sc and yarn yarn a different color. If you'd like you can also crochet sc in the other color on the edge of the pocket opening as shown in the picture below:

Turn the work around, so the inside of the diaper bag is facing down, and attach button and elastic cord. There are many options here, but I have put them like this:

That's it! The bag is done and ready to go. You can fold it together in many ways but in case you're in doubt I've put together a little step-by-step visual guide on how I do it below.

Step 1 & 2: Fold in the "wings"

Step 3 & 4: Fold the left pocket (the one furthest away from the
button) inwards twice

Step 5-6: Fold the other pocket inwards once and fold the two
pockets against each other as if you were closing a book
- fold the elastic cord around the bag and close it. Done!

Enjoy! If you have any questions you're more than welcome to contact me via [email protected] - also if you just want to show your result, I would LOVE to see!

Close Up: Orange rubber band / elastic cord

Button: I used an old, wooden button and crocheted around it in
order to spice up the color combination

A bag in a bag: In this picture I've put the bag in my regular diaper
bag from Danish byStroom to illustrate the dirrence in sizes and
how you can easily fit the crocheted diaper bag in your regular bag

Please note that this DIY is for private use only meaning that you're not allowed to profit on it. 

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